Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

Hey all,
Don't it just suck when you go on vacation and then get sick? It does. And that's what happened to me. Here we are, in sunny, although somewhat unusually cool Florida and I come down with a mild flu- but flu nevertheless. I got sick the first day here, and now, 3 days later, I still am, although I've been able to go out and do things during the day, which is definately a blessing! I'm just praying that the sore throat will be gone so I can fully enjoy the remainder of the time here. I hope I don't pass it on to anyone else. Anyway, what did I learn from this experience? Well, not sure really. Probably that I have too much sugar in my diet and not enough vitamins, but ah, it is so hard to resist that chocolate, those cookies..

Interesting thing though, during our drive down I was praying and felt God say something to me. Now, let me tell you that I am one who never stays up late (unless on special occasions or if I'm unusually wakeful, which doesn't happen often). I love sleeping (normally get 9 hours a night!) oh ya! Usually when 10:00 rolls around, I usual start to fall asleep- no kidding, that's when I hit my tired wall. So ya, not a night hawk, not even when I was a teenager. So, to get to the point, while we were driving our 25 hour, non stop, straight to Florida, I was praying about me surviving the night. I had to stay awake for the couple hours whenever it was my husband's turn to drive. But the interesting thing was that I heard God tell me that He would sustain me. It was really cool. I wasn't sure at first if I was hearing right so I figured I'd just have to wait and see. And you know what? I could barely- I don't even know if I did- sleep at all that night. And I tried hard! But I wasn't feeling that tired either and when morning came, I was able to sleep on and off thoroughout the day but I never felt overcome with fatigue. I was in a good mood and had pretty good energy the entire day! So it was cool, God did sustain me for sure!

So girls, I hope that you are able to recognize when God lifts you up during the day. I don't really know why I got sick (I try to keep a pretty healthy lifestyle) and no one else did but God is sustaining me now too. And I know that he is there for all of you girls as well!!