Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chatting with Jesus

Hi Girls,

I think it's important that we take time to talk to Jesus. We talk to our friends or family a lot right? But how often do we talk to our God? Why is it that it's easier for us to have a long heart to heart with a close friend but seem to go days without talking to God or with very brief routine prayers only? Sometimes, I think we lose sight of how close God really is. Our close friends are easy to find because we can see them, hug them, visit with them in person. Yet with God, it's different. We may feel like we're talking to empty space because we don't actually see him or physically hear him. We don't actually feel him sitting next to us. That makes conversation difficult doesn't it?

Yet just because we can't see him or hear his voice doesn't mean he isn't right with us. Sometimes you can feel God's presence in the room with you and I know that some people have heard his audible voice. We aren't separated from God because we have his Holy Spirit with us. So, somehow, we have to overcome our mental blocks with talking to God. We need to fully believe and accept within us that God is with us, he is closer to us than any friend because he dwells within us. So even though you may feel like you're having a one sided conversation, you're not. God can speak into your heart, into your circumstances, communicate through a friend. He does hear you! And even if you can't hear God respond right away, you have the Bible. All his words are in there. He left an entire book for you so that you can read his words to you.

Talking to God is important for more than personal growth in our faith. It's also has practical implications for our relationships. Couples who take the time to pray together, expressing their hearts to God, end up becoming closer together. People can pray separately but if their in a relationship together, they really need that joint prayer or their relationship won't be as strong as it could be. Why you may ask? Well, I think it's because prayer is a form of submission. Two people are coming to God, recognzing someone greater than themselves, both showing vulnerability and humbling themselves. God sees the obedience of the couple as both members seek him. This is radically different than two people just relying on themselves. Joining together in prayer, allows God to join the two people together, binding their hearts in mutual obedience and love to him. When the couple seeks God's will instead of their individual selfish desires, than the relationship will flourish.

It's also important to pray, not only with your significant other, but with your friends, your family because stronger relationships and bonds flow out of that too. It's important that we just don't rely on ourselves but that we join with others, recognizing God as above us, in control of us, and submitting to his care. This is what will keep relationships lasting and strong.

And the topic doesn't always have to be really serious either. God likes to hear what's on your heart, even if it's just expressing your excitment about an upcoming sports event. He doesn't mind hearing about the mundane or boring things. For God, it's all interesting because he loves you so much. You can't bore God. You interest him way too much for that. Plus, even if you're upset or angry, go ahead and talk to God about that. He created you; he created emotions. He can handle your anger. Actually, he can handle your angry better than anyone else can! So honestly, it doesn't matter what you want to speak to God about, he's listening and there to help.

So the challenge for this rainy Saturday is to express yourself to God before picking up that phone to pour out your heart to your friend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Wedded Bliss!

Hi Girls,

I haven't posted lately due to the busyness of my sister's wedding. She was married on the weekend and then we had a bunch of relatives visiting too. Weddings are a lot of fun but really busy with so many people to talk to, to greet and so many plans to make.

So I hope to be back blogging more regularly soon. I hope all is well with you girls reading this and once again, I always welcome your comments and ideas regarding the topics on my blog!