Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Reading

Hey all,

I love reading a good book- probably one of the reasons I'm so into writing them! Yet, it kind of bothers me when Christian authors (which is usually what I read) have events happen in their books that are negative but then try to sugar coat, or skip over the actually event, and deal with some of the consequences instead. I like authors that are real, that stick to reality and describe things as they actually are. I've read a few good books this summer by Jamie Carie (go check out her books if you have the chance). I usually like books with action/mystery/suspense/thriller but I also really enjoy comedies, romances are usually a part of all those books. Right now, I usually only read fiction. I just love stories but I guess that's why it really bothers me when authors leave stuff out- like for example, in a book I read recently, a girl went through a traumatic experience (kidnapping) but the author was unclear about what happened to her when she was kidnapped and then when she was finally rescued, she was all good and happy. But really, any girl who would go through a situation like that, wouldn't escape without some kind of emotional trouble (like nightmares or whatnot)- after all, bad things we experience just don't go away so fast. And what about God? I understand how every author is at a different place in their relationship with God so writes from different perspectives but I have to say, that I really appreciate the authors who make God real, write from experience and show that trusting God isn't always easy to do. So ya, that's sometimes my major complaint with books, they just aren't realistic (and don't get me started on the totally fake ways men and women are portrayed in romance novels! augh!). What are your thoughts???? Anyway, I guess this just inspires me when I write, to keep things as real I know how. Have fun reading...