Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just slow down...

Hey Girls,

Why rush?? That just came to me. Doesn't it seem like we're so often in a rush, a hurry, doing things so fast? Slow down. Lately, it is becoming clear to me that God's timing is not our timing. What seems like last minute to me, really isn't. Not in God's opinion at least. He does everything in his right timing. Is that why we sometimes try to work things out on our own, make things happen from our own efforts, because we think that we're running out of time and God's not doing anything? Or that he's taking too long? I guess we have to remember that God never takes too long. He's got the plan- why is it so hard for us to be patient? After all, he's got the big picture, he sees things we can't even begin to imagine. Maybe we just need to work on trusting a little more, don't you think? I think so.