Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

A few questions.. how would you answer them?

Who is in control of your life? 

Who makes the decisions?

Who's plan are you following? Are you sure?

Who's rules/guidelines dictate your relationship(s) with the opposite sex? Why?

What/who occupies your thoughts most often during the day?

What/who gives your life meaning?

What is your life for?

I know the 'right' answer probably pops into mind automatically for a lot of these questions right? God. But if we are being totally honest and truthful, can we actually answer that way? Maybe, maybe not. We might need to take some time to truly discover why we are thinking/acting/feeling/doing a certain thing and figure out if that is really the best way for us. We need to discover if we are right on track, or if there are areas in our lives that need adjustments. It's important not to just give a quick, automatic answer, but to really think about our reasons why...

...and to keep in mind that no matter what, God is with you...