Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Sunshine

Hey Girls,

Well, it seems as if summer is in fully swing now (even if the rain wants to tell us otherwise). For a bunch of us, summer means vacation time. For others it's a time of work, no change really, except you have to be indoors at the job when you'd rather be out having fun. And it could also be a time of unknowns, such as, what will I do in the fall?

I hope that everyone gets out and has a chance to enjoy the warmth and sun. That vitamin D is hugely important! But no matter what we are doing, we should still try to keep God at the center of our lives. Sometimes when we are having fun and enjoying vacation time, it's easy to forget to thank God for it and to praise him. It's also easy to get carried away on the fun stuff and forget about what's really important. So this is just a reminder to keep God in mind through it all. He will make your fun even more enjoyable and for those who are trying to figure things out or busy with a job, he will be there to help you through all that too.

So I pray that ya'll will have a safe and happy God focused summertime!