Monday, August 23, 2010

Discover God

Hey Girls,

I was thinking lately about how we connect closer with God. I want to encourage any of you reading this to keep working on your spiritual relationships. They need work just like the ones with our family and friends do. We all have to know truth, believe something and feel that it's right inside and I know that God will be faithful to confirm that to anyone who looks for him.

It's interesting too all that's out there for us to learn more about God. Like we can read books, talk to people, listen to speakers and whatnot. But I mean, people can be wrong and interpret things wrong, which is why we really need to know our Bible. So we can tell if what we see and hear is in line with what it says in the Bible, and what it tells us about God's character. And I know that God will confirm truth too and weed out what isn't right when we let go of trying to control everything and let God be the leader. Then we'll know in our hearts what is right.

I think this is something that we gain from the more time we spend with God and can't happen just all at once. I also think it's really important to be involved with a church or Christian group of some sort, like a youth group or Bible study so that you can learn, worship and discuss things with other believers. Sometimes it's really hard to find a avenue for that, which is actually one of the things my husband and I would like to find where we live.

God is there and yours to discover.

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