Friday, August 27, 2010

You'll Want to Read This

Hey, I've got a book that you all should check out. It's called Sexual Revolution by Kris Vallotton. It's definitely worth the read. I know a lot of people are super busy now and don't have time for reading but if you're gonna read anything this year (besides the Bible) I definitely recommend this book. Now, I don't want to sum up the entire book and give away all the good stuff he has to say so I'll just comment a bit. It's a great book for singles, married people, guys, girls...anyone! Everyone should hear the words he's gotta say because they will help you to decide where you stand on issues (like sex before marriage, dating and boundaries, the purpose of sex, sex and marriage, difference between sex and love, abortion, women's rights, healing and redemption from sexual sin) and why you're standing there. Even if you think you got these topics all figured out, I still recommend you read the book because he makes some very good points you may not have thought of before or may give you a foundation for thinking that you can share with others. It's a book on sexual purity. I like how well he demonstrates the battle we have to fight in order to keep ourselves pure (or allow God to redeem our purity) because of how much the broken and hurting world fights against us, because, quite simply, misery likes company, and how standing up for what you believe may seem to cast you as an outsider but at the same time, you're proving to everyone that there is still something important to believe in, giving them hope for themselves. He is honest and truthful in the book too- so it's not like you're gonna read something that's all preachy or lecturing. He also shares amazing stories (and I love stories- find they make the difference between a book I learn from or one I don't). So, definitely, go out, find this book. It's pretty short- you can read it in two days or several hours. And it's worth it!

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